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My brain doesn't function right half the time, and when it does it tends to spout out "common sense"-ical inspirational stuff. Currently job-searching; way past the point of knowing what I want to do in life. Tends to make bracelets and earrings and stuff like that, and cosplay is also a common thing on here. May also dabble in making desktop stuff, like icons and wallpaper and stuff like that.

Have I mentioned that I have an extremely overactive imagination? No? WELL THEN.

Favourite genre of music: Transcends pop, rock, dance, electronic, and much more than that. NOW INCLUDING: Musical stuff
Favourite style of art: ... Anything?
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch
Favourite cartoon character: I don't know anymore.
Personal Quote: "I make potatoes look attractive."
  • Listening to: C'mon N' Ride It (The Train)
That'd be great.

Instead all I have is shitty screencaps, "collages" made with the Mac Preview thing, and other shitty edits.

And a few cosplay things.

/foams at the mouth because of her lack of motivation for aNYTHING/


Engine of Doge - Starlight Express by Squeaker-Ed
Engine of Doge - Starlight Express
:iconreaction2plz: So I tried to promise myself I wouldn't make anymore edits on images like all the Rockman ones I did. But uh....

Well, I didn't keep that promise. Starlight brings out the best of my creativity, but it also brings out the worst. And the... uh..... less-than-desireable.

This is basically reason #1 as to why I should not have GIMP in my possession. Reason #2 involved an earlier attempt to combine another Starlight picture with :icondisapprovalplz: .Someone just take the damn thing away from me.

Starlight Express is property of Andrew Lloyd Webber/Really Useful Group. Base image scanned by Belle's Domain.
Doge is property of.....?? Someone??
  • Listening to: C'mon N' Ride It (The Train)
That'd be great.

Instead all I have is shitty screencaps, "collages" made with the Mac Preview thing, and other shitty edits.

And a few cosplay things.

/foams at the mouth because of her lack of motivation for aNYTHING/
Lucia's 'Shell' bra - Mermaid Melody by Squeaker-Ed
Lucia's 'Shell' bra - Mermaid Melody
LAST ONE YAY. Clearly today has been a more productive day than I intended it to be. Though... it was supposed to be more productive in a different sense, but EITHERWAY. I GOT SHIT DONE.

This is Lucia's shell bra, for her mermaid form. Now obviously, it has the same level of craftsmanship than the other things do (mind you, I'm handsewing all my shit, dawgz), but the thing I try to strive for is some sense of basic accuracy while hopefully maintaining sturdiness at my level of skill. (Coming from someone who made a bike out of paper clips and other assorted shit, I still don't know that level yet.) But basically I tried to make something that would 1) cover my tits, 2) stay on my tits, 3) match the rest of my costume (that I've yet to make (oops?), and 4) hold up against the gravitational forces that pulls tits down. I haven't worn it long enough to test how it holds up during a full "con day" (or one "cosplay period"), but it's managed to do relatively well given that I don't try and run or do anything terribly active.

Made during the same time as the ePitch, it's made out of (guess what) more scrap fabric, an old bra, one bead, and red ribbon. With the length that the ribbon is at, it's a two-person job to get it tied in a double knot (optimal tie-bra closure method), and would be much wiser to wear it with a bandeau bra or some skintight underwear thing. I have an idea concering the whole of the mermaid-Lucia cosplay that I'd like to try, so I may end up tweaking it a bit.

Full post on the shell bra here on my Tumblr. Don't expect any nip-slips tho, because NAH SON/DAUGHTA I DON'T ROLL THAT WAY.

Mermaid Melody is property of Pink Hanamori.
Lucia's e-Pitch - Mermaid Melody by Squeaker-Ed
Lucia's e-Pitch - Mermaid Melody
POST ALL THE MM COSPLAY THINGS /flails/ Figured I might as well keep going since I'm bored elsewhere.

This here is Lucia's microphone (known toy-wise as the e-Pitch) from Mermaid Melody. Now I know what you're half-thinking: "WHY DOES IT LOOK SO LUMPY AND SHITTY IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE SHINY AND SMOOTH AND ROCK HARD LIKE MY ANIME HUSBANDOS ABS". Here's a reason why; I don't have access to craft plastic for this stuff. As evidenced by the shell pendant I posted earlier, I have a lot of smaller materials and scrap fabric to use. Because I have this and not the good stuff, I tend to adopt a "one man's trash is another man's treasure" approach, otherwise known as being a cheap-ass with no money and lots of time on my hands. So, created in maybe spring 2013, I ended up with this and Lucia's "shell bra", which I will post later. It's made as a plushie-type thing because frankly soft things are better than hard things, with two kinds of scrap fabric and little plastic shell beads and pillow stuffing.

The thing about this prop was that I had an idea to make it play sound; owning both an iPod Shuffle (that still works) and a Boom Cube (mad sounds from hell on a keychain), I got the idea to stick the iPod in the front of the microphone (it's a pocket) and thread the cord of the Boom Cube through the microphone and stick the speaker in the base of the handle. That would've worked pretty well (and I did a video on Tumblr that tested it), but in the end I decided that it'd be better to just have it be a simple plushie I can lob around without something hard in it.

Full post on this ePitch is here on my Tumblr. Post on how the ePitch would've worked with the iPod Shuffle/Boom Cube idea is also on Tumblr.

Mermaid Melody is property of Pink Hanamori
Lucia's Pendant - Mermaid Melody by Squeaker-Ed
Lucia's Pendant - Mermaid Melody
HOW BOUT THAT SHITTY LIGHTING. /unf/ So since I haven't uploaded a DAMN thing since summer 2013 (because FUCKERYYYY), I decided "sure why not since I DON'T HAVE A LIFE RIGHT NOW and DEFINITELY NEED ONE (AND A JOB)". Also because I've been needing to upload some of my other shit and have put it off constantly, so I just need to get over my pathetic self and POST MY SHIT.

SO LET'S START WITH THIS: As you can see, it's Lucia's shell pendant from Mermaid Melody. Made for cosplay reasons, it's intended to go with the godawful amount of Lucia cosplays I have planned (that is soon to be outnumbered - or already outnumbered - by the amount of Starlight Express cosplays I have planned). It's made with scrap material and multiple types of beads. And paper clips; this was made during the ungodly period of time that I made a lot of shit with paper clips. It opens and closes like the actual pendant would, but compared to the toy pendants made by Bandai (or whatever fucking company made the MM toys), it's much smaller (and lighter and doesn't run on batteries). However my hand-sewing (at the time) was (and still is) atrocious, hence why it looks really shoddy despite being purpose-serving.

Full post on the locket is here on my Tumblr and is hella more in-depth than I am here because that sat for two years before being posted. /why the hell, Squeaker, you had oNE JOB/

Mermaid Melody is property of Pink Hanamori

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